St. Andrew’s United Church Cochrane, AB

The Council of St. Andrew’s United Church approves this policy to give direction to the pastoral practice of the minister and to provide information to those who may seek a funeral service at this church. A funeral or memorial service at St. Andrew’s is a service of worship to give thanks for a life as we grieve our loss. Drawing on our faith we are empowered by our hope of resurrection, which enables us to face death, offer thanksgiving for the gift of life and celebrate our Christian hope.

  1. The current presiding minister is to be contacted. If another minister is requested by the grieving family this would be discussed with the current minister.

If the current minister is not available, a delegated alternate United Church minister will be provided by the church.

  1. The St. Andrew’s church building will not be made available for services other than those conducted by the presiding minister or delegated alternate.
  2. A meeting with the minister should happen at the earliest possible time. The meeting will be to plan a United Church service that is primarily a service of worship to include prayer, scripture and a message at the discretion of the minister. Other elements of the service such as music, video tributes, eulogy, etc. can be incorporated at the discretion of the minister.
  3. If the services of a funeral home are not being used, a $100 administration fee will be charged to reflect additional expenses and responsibilities.
  4. If a reception is requested, then the St. Andrew’s Women may be approached to provide catering services.

Outside catering is also an option.

  1. The minister will contact the Music Director. The music director or designated alternate will provide music for the service.

All music and guest performers are at the discretion and approval of the minister and/or the music director.

  1. Flowers should be brought in shortly before the service (two hours) and removed following the service. Appropriate memorial items are welcomed; however, the family must talk to the minister about placement and quantity of items while keeping dignity and decorum in mind.
  2. If the funeral includes a graveside service or a committal of ashes, there will be no extra fee charged.
  3. However, if there is only a graveside service or a committal of ashes, then the minister’s honorarium will be the same as for a funeral service.

Completed January 2020