WORSHIP Committee Mandate


The Worship Committee is responsible to give support and feedback, and collaborate with the Minister, Music Director and lay leadership on all matters related to worship; thus, ensuring the spiritual growth of the Church family and the maintenance of the Membership Roll.


Members of the Congregation.
Music Director


  1. Adhere to the Leadership Covenant of St. Andrew’s United Church as established by the Council.
  2. Elect a Chairperson from its membership with an option to elect a Vice Chairperson or Secretary if required.
  3. Report to the Council on a regular and timely basis by attending monthly meetings.
  4. Discuss, plan, and oversee the Committee budget and submit to the Finance Committee in October.
  5. Support and facilitate worship services, funerals and weddings in collaboration with the Minister, Music Director and lay leadership.
  6. To communicate and collaborate with Family Ministries Coordinator.
  7. Oversee the use of the Sanctuary and the Chapel.
  8. Oversee the Sacraments in coordination with the Minister.
  9. Collaborate with Music Director and Minister on music programs.
  10. Oversee lay participation, including ushering, candle lighting, scripture reading, offering and serving communion.
  11. Arrange for pulpit supply.
  12. Promote and publicize all St. Andrew’s worship events in the Congregation and publicly as appropriate.
  13. Replace and add to Church pulpit antependia, banners, wall hangings, etc.
  14. Review, along with the Minister all requests for Baptism.
  15. Oversee Church Membership Roll.
  16. Ensure that all baptisms, marriages and deaths are properly recorded by the Church Secretary.
  17. Make recommendations to the Council in regard to the admission of new Members, the removal of names from the Church Membership Roll and name tags.
  18. Provide input and oversee all permanent alterations to the Sanctuary and the Chapel.

March 2018