All Ages Worship, Childcare, Gathering in the Hall, Coffee Fellowship and Fellowship Lunches have all been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.  Youth are welcome to attend the in-person services to worship with their family, provided that the family cohort is maintained, and parents are encouraged to bring an activity for the younger children to keep them engaged during the service.

All Ages Service – 9:30

Transitioning into Traditional at 10:30 am

Childcare provided at 10:30 am

Our Worship Service is a hybrid worship experience that incorporates different learning experiences with natural entry and exit points for people to engage depending on their needs and tastes. This worship experience takes qualities and aspects of our current worship service, messy church, Advent Festival, Sunday School, Breakfast at 9 (adult study before worship) and a few new elements to create one service rather than having a “contemporary/Sunday School service” and a “traditional service.”

The All Ages phase is family focused.

 Here’s what the Worship Service looks like:

9:30 am: Gathering in the hall, continental style breakfast

9:45 am: Worship begins in the former nursery room, led by the Minister and/or Family Ministry Coordinator that includes:

  • Opening ritual
  • Prayer
  • Music
  • Story/Scripture
  • Introduction of Theme

10:00 am: Break out into stations – these are led by volunteers. There are crafts and/or activities that engage, explore, and connect to the theme. Adults explore the theme with the children depending on age and interest. Both adults and children could do some self-direction as to which activity interests them and is age appropriate.

10:20 am: Return to plenary group for review and sharing. Parents are encouraged to continue to engage with their child/children through the week around the theme, scripture, etc. Resources for parents will be provided and supported.

10:30 am: Those who wish to move to the sanctuary to continue worship, will be joining others who are arriving for this phase of the worship service. Childcare, not a Sunday School program, is provided for children of parents who wish to remain for this phase of worship. Families who have other plans for the day may exit at this point. Some families may choose to experience this phase of worship as a family. This traditional phase is led by the minister. It does not include a Congregational Story Time nor a Children’s Gathering Song but does include a Choir Anthem or Special Music, prayers of the people, scriptures, and a message.

Communion is served during both the All Ages and Traditional phases of the service on the first Sunday of each month. Worship is usually over between 11:30 and 11:40 am.

Coffee fellowship and Fellowship Lunches are held in the hall following this service.

All ages and stages are encouraged to participate as they desire throughout the whole worship experience.