St. Andrew’s United Church Council

The St. Andrew’s Council develops policy and plans that are implemented by various committees and groups of the Congregation.  The Congregation determines the organization and duties of Council committees and elects from among the members and adherents of the Congregation people to serve on the committees.  A quorum for the Council requires the attendance of the ministry personnel, or where no minister is settled or appointed, a Pastoral Charge Supervisor.  An adherent is a person who is attached to a congregation and contributes regularly to its life and work but is not formally a member of the St. Andrew’s United Church.

Council general duties include, but are not limited to:  (a) planning, initiating, directing and overseeing the total life and work of the Congregation through its various committees; (b) keeping the congregation adequately informed of the work of St. Andrew’s; and (c) attending to all matters affecting the pastoral charge not assigned to any of the other committee.


  • Church members elected by a duly constituted Annual Meeting of the Congregation to hold the following offices: Chairperson; Vice Chairperson; Secretary; and Treasurer – 2 year terms.
  • Church members elected by a duly constituted Annual Meeting of the Congregation to act as Members-at-Large – 1 year term.
  • Immediate Past Chairperson.
  • One representative from each standing committee.
  • Representative of the Trustees
  • Representative of Chinook Winds Region
  • Minister

Executive Committee

Minister              Rev. Matthew Heesing
Chair                    Diane Scott
Past-Chair           Fred Janzen
Secretary             Tracey Cove
Treasurer            Jennifer Rooney

Standing Committee Representatives on Council

Building and Maintenance                             Bob Ford, Chair
Christian Development and Education          Don Hepburn, Chair
Finance                                                          John James, Chair
Ministry and Personnel                                  Edith Wearmouth, Chair
Pastoral Care and Outreach                          Andre Tambay
Worship                                                         Chair

Trustee Representative               

Steve Clement, Chair

Chinook Winds Region Representative

Arlene Hepburn


Jim Blyth
Shari Pusch

Leadership Covenant of St. Andrew’s United Church Council

  • We promise to pray alone, and together. To thank God, and to ask God’s help in all things.
  • We promise to listen to God’s answer to us.
  • We promise to demonstrate our Leadership and Commitment to St. Andrew’s by our example.
  • We promise to support St. Andrew’s pastors and staff.
  • We promise to try to discover what is best for our church as a whole.
  • We promise to treat our time on this Council as an opportunity to make an important gift to St. Andrew’s.
  • We promise to listen with an open, non-judgemental mind.
  • We promise to discuss, debate, and disagree openly in Council meetings.
  • We promise to respect our differences.
  • We promise to support the final decision of this Council, whether it reflects our view or not.
  • We promise to live our Mission Statement:

“United With God, We Serve.”