The Christian Development and Education Committee is responsible for the oversight of the Church School, and mid-week programs, adequately staffed by competent leaders, for studying the educational needs of the Congregation, and providing leadership so that all “persons at each stage of their lives may know God as He is revealed in Jesus Christ, and serve Him in love through worship and work, fellowship and witness of the Church.”


Members from the Congregation


Family Ministry Coordinator


  1. Provide faith-based experiential learning opportunities for both youth and adults.
  2. Support and collaborate with the Family Ministry Coordinator on events such as Church picnics, Advent Festival, Celebration of Grads.
  3. Work in cooperation with the Worship Committee when events overlap, i.e. Church worship service/picnic.
  4. Promote and arrange attendance at Christian Training events, such as Vacation Bible School, Church Camps, Conferences, etc., in collaboration with the Family Ministry Coordinator and the Minister.
  5. Consider and promote adult education, by making various literature available that promotes and maintains Christian growth (i.e. Bible Study, Prayer Groups, Study Groups, Seminars, etc.) in collaboration with the Minister and Family Ministry Coordinator.
  6. Be responsible for the development, use and oversight of the library.
  7. Discuss, plan, and oversight of the Committee budget and submit to the Finance Committee in October.
  8. Elect a Chairperson from its membership with an option to elect a Vice Chairperson or Secretary if required.
  9. Report to the Council on a regular and timely basis by attending monthly meetings.
  10. Adhere to the Leadership Covenant of St. Andrew’s United Church as established by the Council.

March 2018