Members of the Building and Maintenance committee are responsible for the structural and functional integrity of the church building and the management of the church grounds. Anything that affects the comfort and safety of the congregants inside the church or on the church property is our concern.

This includes: hiring the cleaning staff; monitoring furnace function; checking the roof; changing light bulbs; and keeping the plumbing operating. Snow removal in winter and mowing the lawn in the summer also comes under
our purview.

Members of the committee possess a great deal of practical knowledge and experience and are often able to manage concerns on a do-it-ourselves basis. Some functions, such as regular cleaning of the church, are contracted out. Larger issues often require hiring expertise from outside the church community. If you notice something amiss in our church or on our grounds, or  if you are interested in contributing your skills to care and upkeep, notify someone on the Building and Maintenance committee.