Ongoing donations given weekly or monthly contribute, on average, to about 73% of our budget.  Ongoing donations allow us to carry out St. Andrew’s mission knowing that we will have the resources to continue our work.

If you are called to make regular weekly or monthly contributions, there are three main ways to give.

  1. Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR). Arrange to have a pre-authorized amount transferred from your bank account or through your credit card, to the church each month. Tax receipts are issued every February.  Rest easy knowing that even if you are unable to attend the service, your donations continue to help St. Andrew’s reach their goals.

Click here to obtain more information on PAR.

  1. Numbered envelope in the collection plate. Confidentially make your donation each service.  Based on your unique donation number, a tax receipt will be issued every February.

Click here to order your envelopes, or contact the office.

  1. Anonymous donations in the collection plate. All donations are welcome and will be gratefully accepted – Thank you!  However, you will not receive a tax receipt for this type of donation as we will not know who you are.