Requisition Forms

Please select the committee to whom you would like to submit a requisition form. Clearly fill out each field. Fill out one requisition form for each cheque and/or in-kind request. Ensure that receipts are uploaded. Either a clear scan or picture of the receipt will do. Each upload option will only hold one picture/document. If you have multiple receipts either upload them individually to their own attachment on the form or paste them all in a word document to upload together.

If you are filling out an in-kind requisition, please ensure you have removed the GST from the total amount.

Once you have filled out the form it will automatically go to the chair of the committee you selected.

All reimbursements will be e-transferred. Please enter the email address where you wish SAUC to send the e-transfer.

At your convenience, please give all original receipts, clearly marked with the purchaser’s name, date of online submission, and committee where it was sent, to the church (either placed in the indoor office mail slot, postal mail, or through the mail slot at the west door).